Executive Team


David Masten
Founder, CTO


Sean Mahoney


Reuben Garcia
Director of Technical Operations


Matthew Kuhns
Chief Engineer


David’s longtime passion for lowering the barriers of space access led him to develop experimental rocket propulsion systems long before he started Masten Space Systems in 2004, and that passion continues to drive him today. As Chief Technology Officer, David leads the development of Masten’s next-generation reusable vehicles and continues to detail the technology roadmap for the company. David’s role with small launch vehicle operations has solidified his place as a leading expert in developing reusable launch vehicles that are operated by a small team. In addition to his role as visionary for Masten, David continues to contribute to operations procedures, software development, safety systems design, and safety analysis, among other areas.

Prior to starting Masten Space Systems, David acquired extensive experience in software development working in IT networking and software startups. This experience and pace informs his unique approach to the development of reusable launch vehicles. David has served as President and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society.


Sean Mahoney is the CEO of Masten Space Systems, an aerospace R&D and flight services company that creates and deploys reliable, reusable rocket vehicles and components. Since joining Masten in 2010 as Director of Business Operations, Sean has focused on building a sustainable, customer-funded business. He has been instrumental in establishing Masten as one of the rising stars in the New Space movement. He served as COO during 2011-2012 and was named CEO in 2013.

Sean has over 15 years of corporate and technology industry experience, having founded and led a number of technology start-up ventures, and raised multiple rounds of private funding. Sean began his career overseeing technical sales and building internal organizations as a manager at AT&T’s Enterprise hosting division.

Sean received his MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and serves in a leadership capacity for a number of entrepreneurship and environmental non-profit organizations.


As the technical leader for Masten Space Systems, Reuben comes from a disciplined working background with advanced flight vehicle designs as well as the unique operational history as the first person to crew chief a manned HTHL pump fed rocket powered vehicle and to also crew chief a fully-autonomous VTVL rocket powered vehicles. Prior to Masten Reuben worked at Scaled Composites and XCOR Aerospace. He also holds an FAA A&P with Inspection Authorization and holds an FCC Commercial license with RADAR endorsement.


With over a decade of experience in aerospace and startups Matthew works to integrate the rigor and precision of traditional aerospace with the speed of New Space. Matthew’s roles include leading projects for LOX/Methane propulsion systems, electric pumps, and advanced additive manufacturing. Prior to Masten he worked on the P&W Geared Turbofan engine, long endurance UAVs, and commercial aircraft fuel systems.