Services Overview

Our vertical-takeoff, vertical landing (VTVL) rockets provide commercial customers and government agencies with a rocket-powered flight test environment. Precision rocket landings offer unique flight test opportunities including descent velocities that are 4 times faster than helicopter descents at altitudes from which it is impractical to dive aircraft straight at the ground.  Our responsive, reliable platforms provide unique opportunities to mature and demonstrate space technologies  on the road to infusion into future science and exploration missions.


Rocket Development, Launch & Landing Facilities

Masten conducts test operations from sites at the Mojave Air & Space Port, 90 minutes North of Los Angeles and just a short drive from our primary engineering and integration facilities. This proximity to our test site allows us to test frequently and responsively, with minimal lead-time. Masten vehicles often fly several days in any given week and have flown up to six times in a single day.

We also offer test stands for static engine testing and characterization. Masten currently has 3 stands on-line and available: Two 7,000lbf rated stands, one for LOX and IPA/Methane, and one for Green Hypergolic Bi-propellant Testing, as well as a brand new 25,000lbf rated LOX/Methane stand.



Traditionally, robotic exploration landers have landed “blind” and required large, hazard-free landing sites. Masten’s  precision landing technologies dramatically improve landing accuracy and bring the solar system’s most scientifically interesting areas, risky terrain, and even pre-set human bases within reach. Imagine landing in a canyon, dodging kilometer-sized surface hazards, or traversing for days to reach a scientific objective instead of years.


Design services

Masten has an extremely knowledgeable engineering team with decades of experience pushing the boundaries of rocketry. If you want to expand the limits of what is possible, Masten is the team for you.

  • Guidance, Navigation & Control (GN&C) Technology Testing

  • Atmospheric & Astronomical Research Platforms

  • Plume Effects Research

  • Entry, Descent, Landing (EDL) Technology Testing

  • Technology Maturation & Accelerated Mission Infusion

  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

  • Rocket Propulsion and Thrust Vector Control Solutions